About Me


Hello, my name is Carolyn Hoefnagels (known as Cas) and I am a trained Civil Celebrant and a registered Marriage Celebrant, appointed by the Attorney-General.   I have many years of experience and offer my professional and friendly service to you.  I can assist you to create a beautiful ceremony, by providing inspiration and information, offering a myriad of options, from rituals to readings.

The celebration of life’s important events is often signified by ceremony…. sometimes with pomp, sometimes with laughter, sometimes with sadness… but usually always with words.  Words that say ‘I love you’ or “I shall miss you’,  words that describe the memories, the possibilities, the promises.

Our celebratory cycle starts with our birth and a Naming Day, where we wish the child an honourable and noble journey through the years ahead.  A celebration shared with loved ones and the creation of memories for the future.

If we are fortunate to find a life partner, words are again spoken as vows and promises to each other , words that reflect our desire to share a life together.  A Commitment, Wedding, or a Renewal of Vows ceremony can allow the joy of the commitment to be not only for you, but also shared with family and friends.

As we grow and age, we celebrate major events, birthdays, retirement with celebrations and ceremony, until our end of life.  Then be it by a Funeral, a Farewell or a Memorial ceremony, the story you have created along YOUR life’s journey, is again told with words. Words, that for those left behind,  will help them find comfort and solace in the memories.

The circles of life are intertwined with others in many and mysterious ways…. But with words and ceremony, we are able to share with others the significance of our life’s journey.

Be it in happiness or sadness… I will work with you to create a ceremony that will truly make your moments memorable.


Please contact me for more information!