Farewells and Memorials

Your Final Hooray – Farewells and Memorials

The definition of ‘Hooray’ is a final moment of glory, a last notable achievement and within the Circle of Life it can represent Nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth. It can represent the infinite nature of energy, meaning if something dies it gives new life to another.

We couldn’t ask for a more fitting description for a loved one’s farewell ceremony !!! Whether the farewell be a solemn occasion or filled with singing and joy, our last hooray should fit our personality and reflect our life well lived.

As an independent Funeral/Farewell Celebrant, I specialise in honouring and celebrating a special life…. a beautiful way to say goodbye to a special person.

The ceremony is about remembering…. the memories… the stories…. the actions….. the achievements….. the family left behind. It should be a true reflection to the deceased’s Circle of Life story.

A funeral really is the final opportunity for us to say goodbye, and it helps give closure to our loss. It gives us comfort to be able to reflect on the joy the loved one has brought us . It is a way to honour the legacy that has been left us. Its an occasion for family and friends to come together to support one another and is an important element towards healing.

It is an emotional time to be making decisions, especially when there are no instructions left by our loved ones. We all have our own philosophies on life but it could be both distasteful and distressing if a religious service is carried out for someone who had no religious belief.

 Life is very simple, but we insist on making it complicated

If you’re arranging a funeral for a friend who has left no instructions,  a farewell ceremony or memorial could be an excellent way of creating a personalised celebration,  without the time restrictions placed on us by funeral homes for traditional funerals.  The Sunshine Coast offers beautiful natural places for a destination farewell.

When the soul takes leave of the body,  spiritual ceremonies and alternative rituals can play a central role in acknowledging the completion of a person’s circle of life.

The unique tale of a friend’s lifetime journey can be an expression of music, chanting or singing and story-telling of different times in their life.  These style of ceremonies are designed to celebrate and rejoice, they are done with grace,  to lift the energy and reflect positively on the end of our life.  A ceremony could be presented with gracious humor and style that will,  in fact, ease the grief and create new positive memories for those left behind, as it will weave together and nourish all who gather to pay tribute. Be it balloon releasing, joyous singing, an honorary game of cricket or a quiet floating of a flower wreath… I can guide you.

If you are organising your own farewell celebration…..then congratulations! You’ll have a fabulous farewell just how you wish for it to be!!!

For those who are knowingly coming to their end-of-life, I can offer assistance and guidance to enable you to make the difficult decisions and funeral arrangements.  The art of dying gracefully is not advertised or talked about.  The purpose of pre-planning is to give you time to think through what you really want, what is spiritually needed and to consider realistically what you/your family can emotionally and financially manage.

I can guide you through your end-of-life wishes and farewell arrangements so those you leave behind are comforted by knowing these important decisions have been made …. your way.

I encourage you to have a ‘conversation’ with your families, solicitor, friends, carers,  about your wishes –  from  medical care to funeral arrangements.  I have a useful pamphlet as a tool to assist you with these decisions and details of your wishes, for a small cost.

Your message to those left behind by having these wishes documented is “it helps me to know I’ve saved you from worrying about what to do when the time comes for me to leave you.”


“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”
Robert Brault