Renewals & Commitments

Renewal of Vows

“So let us renew the vows we once took, Let us stand up and hold hands again. Let us announce to all who will hear that you are still my very best friend.”

This type of ceremony is for any couple, at any stage of their relationship.  A ceremony for those wishing to celebrate their partnership by renewing/reaffirming their vows to each other, in a unique and personal ceremony.   Renewal ceremonies have no legal components, and are great for all committed relationships.  A Renewal ceremony is suitable for couples celebrating a special wedding anniversary, or be relevant for partners after a long separation or difficult times,  as the ceremony can reunite a couple by renewing their marriage vows and promises to each other.

I create your ceremony the same way as a legal marriage ceremony –  through discussions of likes and dislikes, of wishes and desires and no two couples are the same. In this way we create a unique event that you and all your guests will remember. You may wish to include your children, family or friends in your renewal ceremony, or even guests who were at your original wedding!  You may still want to ask two people to witness the signing of the Certificate of the event,  or use a ritual such as Handfasting,  rather than using your rings .

Whichever the ceremony style you chose,  its a true celebration of a renewed commitment!


When you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, be it in a heterosexual or same sex relationship, a commitment ceremony is the perfect way for couples to declare your love and commitment to each other.

Couples choose commitment ceremonies when they are unable to legally marry for many personal reasons,  or don’t/cant make the union legally binding within the current laws of Australia.

Commitment ceremonies generally follow the same basic structure as a marriage ceremony, without there being a legal declaration or legal document to commemorate it.  You can still have the vows, the promises, rituals, readings, whatever you wish in your ceremony to make it meaningful to you,  and it is a public affirmation of your commitment to one another.

I support Marriage Equality and look forward to the day when I can legally marry same sex couples.